Friday, March 28, 2014

Sitting pretty!

So after my first craft show, I learned a few things.  I realized that instead of packaging my cards in packs of five of the same they would probably sell better if you could buy the five you wanted or just the one you wanted.  I knew I'd need a stand of some sort to get them up off the table so people could see them and check them out.

 I got online and found a few that were interesting but nothing that was exactly what I wanted, so I talked it over with my hubby and worked out some plans and he came up with this great stand!  I just love it!  And cannot wait to take it to the show this weekend and see if I sell some cards!

 Here it is with some of my cards on it and I cannot wait to see it up on the table.  No time for painting or staining before tomorrow so we'll be going all natural with it for now, but check back to see the finished project!

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