Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Make the right choice!

I have noticed a problem with people lately.  They can be so unhappy.  They just cannot see the good things around them and choose to focus only on the negative.  I want that to change, and I think that happiness can be a choice.

I mean some days we get out of bed in a bad mood, or other people put us in a bad mood.  Whatever the reason for feeling, sad, unhappy, or just plain blah we do have a choice in the matter. It's often as simple as noticing the beautiful clouds, or just changing your thought pattern*. Some people only want to bring others down, and are so enmeshed in their own unhappiness that they cannot see any other way to be.  But please make simple little steps everyday to choosing happiness.  It's amazing how much your outlook will change, when you change to see the better.

Now of course it's easy to be happy in the happiest place on earth!  And when you are with an old beloved character, and well you might be a Disney princess.  But you can always have a little bit of that with you everyday.

* Disclaimer:  I know that there are those of us who are suffering from anxiety, depression, or other medical conditions.  I get that, please see someone who can help you.  Those conditions are real and make it incredibly hard to choose happiness, but with treatment it can be an option for all of us.

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