Tuesday, December 10, 2013

T-Shirt Time

So I've been eying up all the cool projects out there with t-shirt yarn and thought well I have a huge pile of t-shirts that I was going to donate but hey why not make my own yarn out of them.  So I found a tutorial for making my own continuous yarn and got at it.  I made several of these balls of yarn and it was super easy.

 My crafty area is red, white, and black.  So I decided to use those colors to start a project for my room.  I haven't decided if I'm going to continue it on into a rug, or create one of those cool floor poufs ottoman things.  But here is the progress I've made so far.  The only downfall so far is that the plastic hook and the yarn make a grating squeaky noise when you are crocheting with it.
And when you cut the hem off of the bottom of the t-shirts it makes a great kitty scarf!  Here is my pretty girl Zoe sporting her red scarf!

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