Friday, September 19, 2014

Photography skills, and nonskills.

So last year I finally upgraded to a DSLR camera and well it's been really intimidating.  I took a basic class to learn what all the dials and such do, and I've been trying to get out there more and just practice.

When I was little we often camped near the Kinzua Bridge and it was always a stop for us.  We would walk out on the giant bridge and then hike back underneath.  It really isn't for those who are afraid of heights but I managed to get out there and take some pictures.  This was the first time we'd been there since 2003 when a tornado hit the bridge and collapsed more than half of it.  So I took some pretty cool photos while we were there.

The far off side. 

The viewing platform they built at the end of the bridge still standing.

Big giant hunks of steel.

This shows the awesome power of a tornado.  It didn't just knock the bridge over it twisted the metal.

And I just love the geometrical look of this one.

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